Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 11 класса

Контрольная работа (15 заданий + письменная часть) по английскому языку для 11 класса с ответами онлайн.

Рart 1. Grammar and Vocabulary.
Choose the correct word

1. Andrew spends most of free time _________ the Net.

A) surfing
B) hanging out
C) chatting

2. A simple way to _______ energy at home is to turn off the lights when you leave a room.

A) save
B) protect
C) store

3. Harry is a very easy - going person and gets _______ well with everyone in his class.

A) by
B) about
C) on

4. Jill is very proud ______ her son because he got top marks in all his exams.

A) with
B) around
C) of

5. Alan likes extreme sports, but I wouldn’t say he’s crazy ____ them.

A) about
B) with
C) in

6. Mum __________ for her car keys for the last hour, and she still can’t find them.

A) was looking
B) has been looking
C) is looking

7. Do you know what time the next train _________ ?

A) does leave
B) leaves
C) will leave

8. Be careful! You _______ off the ladder.

A) are falling
B) would fall
C) are going to fall

9. Where _________ on holiday last summer?

A) did you go
B) have you been
C) had you gone

10. Don’t worry, the painters __________ paintingyour house by the time you’re ready to move it.

A) are finishing
B) will have finished
C) are going to finish

11. Can you believe it started raining while we ________ in the sea?

A) had swam
B) have been swimming
C) were swimming

12. Leslie and Susan ________ yet. Should we leave withoutthem?

A) hadn’t arrived
B) haven’t arrived
C) didn’t arrive

13. This time next week we ___________ ourselves atluxurious hotel in Hawaii.

A) will have enjoyed
B) are enjoying
C) will be enjoying

14. ___________ if there’s a problem between Ann and Kelly?

A) do you know
B) are you knowing
C) know

15. Let’s order some dessert. I _______ some chocolate cake.

A) have
B) will have
C) going to have

Рart 2. Writing

You have received a letter from your English – speaking pen – friend Bill who writes:

……. I’m going to do a project on hobbies in different countries. Could you help me? Do you think that different nations have different hobbies? Can you give examples? What interesting hobbies do Russians have? What hobbies do members of tour family have? As for the latest news, I have just passed my last exam….

Write a letter to Bill. In your letter answer her questions and ask 3 questions about his exams.

Write 80-100 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.

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