Контрольная работа (тест) Past Simple Tense для 7-9 классов

Контрольная работа - Past Simple Tense - тест 15 вопросов с ответами онлайн для 7-9 классов.

1. It ____ (to be) a very difficult job.

a) is
b) was
c) were

2. I _____ (to see) a woman yesterday. I think I know her.

a) see
b) seed
c) saw

3. A lot of reporters _____ (to be) at the conference last week.

a) were
b) was
c) be

4. ___ you buy his beautiful house in 2009?

a) do
b) were
c) did

5. Last winter we ______ (to move) to Italy.

a) moved
b) move
c) did move

6. He _____ (not live) in Boston in 2001.

a) doesn’t live
b) didn’t live
c) not live

7. When ___ Mag finish school?

a) was
b) is
c) did

8. That house ______ (to lose) its roof in the storm 2 years ago.

a) lost
b) lose
c) losed

9. Jenny _____ (to work) at a circus last spring.

a) works
b) did work
c) worked

10. We ____ (to find) a nice place on that island. It was great holidays.

a) found
b) finded
c) find

11. When ____ Jane decide to look for a new job?

a) did
b) was
c) –

12. My brother _______ (not help) me with the washing-up yesterday.

a) don’t help
b) didn’t help
c) not help

13. Lucy _____ (to study) at English school a year ago.

a) studied
b) studies
c) did study

14. It ____ (to be) very difficult test. I ______ (to look up) many words in dictionary.

a) was, looked up
b) were, looked up
c) was, was looking up

15. George’s father______ (to come) to us the day before yesterday.

a) come
b) comed
c) came

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