Контрольная работа (тест) Present Simple Tense для 7-9 классов

Контрольная работа - Present Simple Tense - тест 15 вопросов с ответами онлайн для 7-9 классов.

1. My brother _____ (to go) to the youth club every Thursday.

a) go
b) goes
c) to goes

2. The plane _____ (to take off) at 07:00 a.m. and _____ (to land) at 11:00 a.m.

a) takes off, lands
b) will take off, will land
c) take off, land

3. What _____ your opinion about this new article?

a) are
b) do
c) is

4. You are very allergic. Why ___ you eat so much chocolate?

a) does
b) do
c) –

5. Every year Sally _______ (to meet) her classmates at the party on October 31.

a) meet
b) meets
c) to meet

6. Paula _____ (to work) very hard. She is a great specialist.

a) work
b) not work
c) works

7. Uh! You always _____ (to cook) spaghetti. Can you cook something else?

a) cooking
b) cooks
c) cook

8. My teacher often _____ (to use) a computer during our lesson.

a) uses
b) is using
c) to use

9. Sometimes we ______ (to organize) weddings and anniversaries.

a) are organizing
b) organize
c) organizing

10. ____ you see each other every day?

a) does
b) are
c) do

11. Our new neighbor _____ (not speak) Russian. He ______ (to speak) Greek.

a) doesn’t speak, speaks
b) don’t speak, speak
c) not speak, speak

12. ____ your friend repair his car twice a year?

a) does
b) is
c) do

13. When ____ his birthday?

a) does
b) -
c) is

14. The Earth _____ (to move) round the Sun.

a) moves
b) is moving
c) moved

15. ___ they have a discount card ? I want to buy some goods.

a) -
b) are
c) do

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